Tsa tsa ke k’e (Iron Foot Place) Mosaic – Edmonton AB

Fourteen metres in diameter, Alex Janvier’s Tsa tsa ke k’e (Iron Foot Place) tile mosaic now adorns the floor of the Rogers Place Ford Hall pedway, above the underpass where John Weaver’s transplanted Gretzky statue will soon embody old glory.

But this new, circular masterpiece has already lit a fire of current greatness, one harmonically fit for the age of truth and reconciliation in an evolving country where a rock star dying of cancer can effectively call out a prime minister and have the nation nod in solemn agreement.

Assembled by Montreal’s Mosaika with about a million stones from Mexico, the materials, fabrication, shipping, labour, maintenance and an artist fee made up Tsa tsa ke k’e’s $700,000 cost. The artist created nine paintings which he offered to the arts council.

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