The Giants of Bigwin – Lake of Bays, Ontario

giants-of-bigwin-v160115-f-10-520x228 giants-of-bigwin-v160115-f-12-520x229 The Giants of Bigwin at Lake of Bays #Canada by MU Architecturegiants-of-bigwin-v160115-f-7

MU architecture’s proposal for a pan-Canadian invited architectural competition consisting of around fifty small housing units on the island of Bigwin, Lake of Bays, Ontario, Canada. The objective was to design these housing units as high-end lodges at 1200 to 1500 ft2 for the clients of the renowned Bigwin golf club. Inspired by the native atmosphere emanating from the island, the Giants of Bigwin are a tribute to Amerindian legends and to the spirits still seemingly reigning over the island. Although the form is peculiar, the housing units evoke memories of native villages of the past.


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