The ATCO Trailer

The ATCO Trailer

ATCO trailers have become staples of the oil patch, forestry camps, school yards and even overseas bases for the Canadian Forces. The original designs date back to 1947 but the current models are significantly improved since then.

“The first generation of ATCO modular buildings were little more than a small travel trailer that could be hauled from one site to another as the need arose. As ATCO grew, the company pioneered the modular building industry and ATCO’s “relocatable towns” became the company’s hallmark. These trailers could be attached to each other to form a complex to accommodate workers complete with internal walkways and adapted for a range of uses, including full-scale industrial kitchens and temporary office space.

ATCO modular buildings were, and continue to be used for a variety of purposes including workforce accommodations, kitchens, offices, classrooms, and custom designed buildings. The units are pre-wired with electrical systems, plumbing for showers, sinks and toilets, as well as connections for waste disposal and hookups to existing water systems.”


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