Take Pride Litter Bin


Take Pride Winnipeg Inc. is a private, non-profit, registered charity whose mission is to inspire community pride, raise public awareness and promote citizen responsibility in making the city of Winnipeg clean and beautiful. Incorporated in 1991, one of Take Pride Winnipeg’s first projects was the installation of litter bins throughout the city (featured above in Winnipeg’s Exchange District) with the slogan “Take Pride Winnipeg” printed across a metal band embedded in the concrete aggregate surface of the bins. Two sides of the bins feature the slogan, while the other two sides feature single line text promotion for local businesses. Bins were often relocated to be in the vicinity of their sponsors.

The designer of the bins and the charming icon featured above the Take Pride strapline is no longer known, but Take Pride Winnipeg is a prime example of street furniture designed and executed by a local organization concerned with city beautification as opposed to an outdoor advertising agency. In 2001, the city of Winnipeg decided to take control of all aspects of waste collection, including the placement of trash receptacles, and has since partnered with OMG Media to replace the concrete aggregate bins with the standard multi-use metal bins seen in other cities; however some communities, including the Exchange District in downtown Winnipeg, have asked that the concrete bins remain.

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