Sprawling House – Quebec

Lecran_House_by_Alain_Carle_Architecte_dezeen_784_2 Lecran_House_by_Alain_Carle_Architecte_dezeen_784_1a Lecran_House_by_Alain_Carle_Architecte_dezeen_468_3a Lecran_House_by_Alain_Carle_Architecte_dezeen_784_3 Lecran_House_by_Alain_Carle_Architecte_dezeen_784_7

Architect Alain Carle added cedar panelling to selected parts of this black-painted brick house in Quebec, highlighting terraces, window reveals and entrances.

“The buildable area was somewhat narrow and irregular, which offered the opportunity to design a project outside the typical precepts of ‘stylish’ residences,” explained Carle.


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