Free Spirit Sphere Treehouse – Qualicum Bay, British Columbia

World-s-first-treehouse-hotel-4eryn_for_sale.jpgfreespirit1.jpg Free Spirit Spheres’ suspended spherical tree houses provide low impact, multi-person accommodation amid the tree tops. The idea for spherical tree houses came from a desire to enable people to live in amongst the forests of Vancouver Island without having to tear down the trees first. In effect, the canopy becomes the foundation of a house in lieu of clear cuts and concrete, and the local ecosystem must be preserved to sustain the foundation. Borrowing heavily from boat construction and manufacture, each sphere is constructed in much the same way as a cedar strip canoe or kayak using locally available Sitka Spruce, while the suspension and rigging is similar to that of a sailboat’s mast. Free Spirit Spheres currently has two models constructed and available for rental in the forests of Qualicum Bay, British Columbia.

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