Cliffside House – Quebec

 La Héronnière by Alain CarleLa Héronnière by Alain Carle
“The house has been designed to be able to function almost completely autonomously,” said studio founder Alain Carle. Located in the Laurentian Mountains, La Héronnière sits atop large rocks overlooking a forest. The clients chose the site based on the natural surroundings. Alain Carle Architecte placed a horizontal plane onto the steep slope, and created rooms both above and below the plateau. On top, the black-clad structure accommodates a den, master suite, guest bedroom and bathroom, with a separate biomass system to the west with a solar-powered roof. Underneath, an open-plan living room and kitchen are divided by a dining table. A large part of the home’s energy comes from photovoltaic panels. Neighbouring pines protect the house from wind. “Exempt from a magnetic field or wireless devices, the house reflects the owners’ desire to occupy a harmonious and ‘symbiotic’ way where the site is perceived as the ‘host’,” Carle said.

La Héronnière by Alain CarleLa Héronnière by Alain CarleLa Héronnière by Alain CarleLa Héronnière by Alain Carle


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