Bush House

The Bear Satnd 02 Beautiful Home Designed by Bohlin Grauman Miller in a Joint Project with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson in Ontario, Canada

This beautiful home is located approximately three hours northeast of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It covers approximately 3,300 square feet. It was thought up as a place where kids could calmly enjoy the thrilling adventures to be had exploring the nearby lake and forest, as well as be rented out during vacations. It’s built deep within the dense forest and is surrounded by tall and lush trees, which provide extensive shade and a moment’s rest from the intense heat during the summer. Its exterior walls are largely made of glass, which permit the uninterrupted flow of natural light through into the interior of the house. This makes it so that, from all corners of the home, natural light seeps in and adds a sense of warmth and clarity.

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