Montréal Olympic Sites $2 and $1

© Canada Post Corporation {1976}. Reproduced with Permission

As host of the 1976 Summer Olympic Games, Montreal added several architectural delights to its amazing galaxy of structures. Accordingly, these stamps portray buildings from both the old and the new Montreal. Each National Olympic Committee interested in hosting the Games selects its city. Thus, only after the Canadian Olympic Association chose Montreal did it proceed to the international level to compete with Los Angeles and Moscow. Each city answered searching questions about its ability to conduct the spectacle. On this basis, the International Olympic Committee gave its blessing to Montreal. The area’s main element is the Olympic stadium. It is oriented within twelve degrees of due north in accordance with protocol. The stadium, which can be converted for football and baseball, will normally seat 56,500 but for the Games will accommodate 70,000 spectators. To the east of the stadium is the multipurpose velodrome. It incorporates a 285.74 meter cycling track encircling an arena which can be used by, among others, participants in wrestling, judo, badminton, tennis and table tennis. The Olympic stadium and velodrome were designed by architect Roger Taillibert.

-Canada Post Archives

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