TTC Museum Subway Station – Toronto, ON

20130226-ArtsonTrack-Museum  B2Qmpx7IYAEPwoDmuseumSubway_01While most of the subways stations in Toronto are old school, a little boring and traditional, the recently remodeled Museum station stands out.  Acting as an invitation to the ROM and Gardiner museums sitting above ground, right out the exists of the subway, the tunnel covered the existing station architecture with simple columns with fiberglass replicas of the museum’s collection, including  Egyptian sarcophaguses, First Nation totem poles and Mayan statues, with a custom signage of the station name with a faux hieroglyphics pattern behind. Diamond and Schmitt Architects also worked to streamline the way-finding and other signage in the 45-year-old station, includes re-designing Designated Waiting Areas, the benches, and the dropped ceiling was removed to give a greater sense of volume, and new lighting to highlight.

The station is more of a skin job than an actual design…and the project reeks of vision lack and imagination gap…but somehow it still manages to be one of the more curious stops on the city line.

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