Take a look at PROSTHESIS, the world’s largest tetrapod exoskeleton according to Guinness World Records, and you’ll probably feel two things. One: a primitive pang that comes with the realization that a new apex predator has just appeared in front of you, and two: the urge to jump inside of its tubular, hydraulic body so you can take the 3,500-pound beast for a spin. Although the more you watch the clip below of PROSTHESIS in action, the more overwhelming that latter feeling will become.

Guinness World Records recently posted a video on its YouTube channel of PROSTHESIS, a gargantuan mechanical tetrapod billed as “a racing monster machine.” At over 12 feet tall, more than 16 feet long, and 18 feet wide, PROSTHESIS is not only the largest tetrapod exoskeleton currently walking the face of Earth, but is also on par with the largest elephants ever recorded—at least in terms of size. In regards to weight, elephants, like African Bush elephants that are, on average, about 13,000 pounds, still have this mechanical mimicry of a mammal beat by a mile.

PROSTHESIS was built Jonathan Tippett, a mechanical engineer from Vancouver, Canada who dedicated 13 years of his life to the project. “I wanted to build a machine that celebrated the age-old pursuit of physical mastery and human skill,” Tippett told Guinness World Records. He added that he wants to use machines like these, “to create an entirely new sport [that] will pit pilot against pilot in massive, agile, high-powered, all electric, off-road running machines.”

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