Cornfield Cadillac Hot Rod

For designer/builder Tom Langton of Rumble Customs Chop Shop “building a traditional hot rod is all about recycling old parts, rebuilding, restoring…it’s definitely not about seeing how much you can spend.” It’s hard to believe that the Cornfield Cadillac featured on these pages is his first stab at building a hot rod. But it’s not like he got lucky.
    He’s done pretty well doing that becoming the first Canadian builder to win the coveted ‘America’s Most Beautiful Motorcycle’ in 2001, and ‘Bike Builder of the Year’ in 2003, from Easyriders Magazine. But after more than 12 years of bike building, Langton decided it was time to put his considerable skills to work building a “traditional” hot rod.
    He wanted the truck to showcase his fabricating skills but he didn’t want to spend a lot of money so he started scrounging and bartering for parts. “The whole idea of building a traditional hot rod out of castoff parts to me became an adventure,” says Langton. “No catalogues. No new parts. No bullshit. Why buy it when you can build it?” While not entirely easy, the build was completed in eight months at cost of about $3,500.
    The more he got into the build, the more important it became to build the car as if he was just an “average” hot rodder. Looking through all the photos taken throughout the build Langton started to think he might have a how-to book in the making. 
   “I wanted to tell other people what it was like,” says Langton. “The people I asked for advice along the way either knew nothing because they bought their cars or were full of knowledge and more than interested in helping someone who was genuinely interested in getting their hands dirty and learning.”
    When the truck was finished Langton took it to this year’s 55th Annual Detroit Autorama. The Cornfield Cadillac was promptly awarded “The Outstanding Traditional Pick-Up” trophy and “The Charles Jones Award for Outstanding Design and Fabrication.”

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