The Confederation DPA-17a Train

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“Canada’s early growth and indeed her very existence as a nation following Confederation depended on the construction of rail lines to link the provinces and to span the continent. It is fitting, therefore, that the Confederation Train should traverse the country in 1967 to remind Canadians of this historical fact. For the hundreds of thousands of Canadians and their guests who will visit the train as it stops across the country during 1967, it will be a lasting experience. They will come to know what it was like in Canada after the ice age lefts its indelible mark upon the land. They will come face to face with the realities experienced by the first settlers and explorers. They will be able to pause and reflect upon the meaning and significance of Confederation itself in the chamber devoted to this memorable event.The Confederation Train will make exhibition stops in most of Canada’s major cities and towns. It will begin on the west cost at Victoria, B.C., on January 9th and move eastward until it reaches the Maritimes on October 26th. Then it will swing back into Quebec for a four-city tour before completing its itinerary in Montreal.” As a note, the train was equipped with a special horn which sounded the first four notes of the national anthem “O Canada.”

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