Canadian Forces Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon


This is a little bit of a stretch, but given that these vehicles are custom made for the Canadian Forces, with more than 1100 vehicles delivered and more on the way, I felt that it was a Canadian design. The CF’s G-Wagon is essentially a militarized SUV, with bolt-on Armour Protection System kits for use in ‘hot spots’, solar power to offset the extensive electrical loads (laptops, GPS, etc) and other Canadian specific bells and whistles.

G-Wagons, being lighter and less menacing than a Hummer or the Bison, and are well-suited to for reconnaissance in urban spaces and other contemporary battle scenarios. The only major drawback has been the improvised warfare of Afghanistan, where these vehicles have been getting tossed hard in roadside attacks, causing considerable harm to the occupants, including death. Heavier is better in this odd circumstance but for most other situations it has been a great improvement over the previous Bombardier vehicles used.

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