Cambio Rino 12 speed Road Bike

The Cambio Rino bicycle, contrary to popular belief, is of Canadian origin and predecessor to the more commonly known Gardin.  Cambio Rino bicycles were a product of the imagination and efforts of Joseph Gardin. who started the Canadian company in the late seventies.

Many quality levels of Cambio Rino emerged from the Toronto, Ontario based shop, ranging from the bottom of the line model, featured in this article, to top of the line, sophisticated steeds, such as the Cambio Rino 2000, a true and well made racing bike.

There are myths surrounding the quality of the Cambio Rino bicycles and their successors, the Gardin.  Quality concerns, and even misrepresentation issues, have been presented, over the years.  Put another way, not all Cambio Rino bicycles sported stellar build craftsmanship nor were they, at times, made of the materials reported.  Please keep in mind, that comment is hearsay based on many conversations with local bicycle shop owner/managers as well as riders, who actually sold, maintained and/or rode the bicycles back in the early eighties.


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