BlueVelo Hornet Recumbent Bike

Hoping to discover a green, safe and comfortable way for year round commute along the streets of Toronto, an avid cyclist found a life-changing solution. After looking through recumbent bikes and trikes, Ray Mickevicius, 37, decided to take his search overseas.

“I came across some velomobile models that were being produced in Europe, so I put my order in,” Mickevicius said.

So completely hooked from riding in his first velomobile, Mickevicius established bluevelo inc. in January 2006, with the objective of improving access to velomobiles for Canadians and ultimately contributing to the development of a Canadian velomobile market.

Velomobiles are human powered, handcrafted vehicles that come in several different models. Their three-wheel base gives them a huge stability advantage over their bicycle (both upright and recumbent) counterparts, especially in winter conditions. Some models are built with full cockpits, enclosing the driver from Canada’s brutal weather conditions. They can cost as much or more than some cars, but are powered by one’s legs, not gasoline. Depending on the model and experience of the rider, velomobiles can cruise comfortably at 40 kilometres per hour, although Mickevicius says he has gotten his current model, the Quest, up to 60 km/h.

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