Created using 3D printers, the pipe is a conceptual, functional and aesthetic take on the bong and are rendered in either porcelain or stainless steel.

“I’ve had the true pleasure of watching Partisans and Alex Josephson change the world through visionary design, and the chance to collaborate was a dream,” said Alan Gertner, Co-founder and CEO, Tokyo Smoke. “Creating these unique products in partnership with Partisans affirms our mission to offer customers artful and stylish experiences, and demonstrates how Tokyo Smoke is making its mark on the evolving cannabis industry.”

“When Alan approached us about re-thinking the bong, we gladly indulged. We wondered why there is so little intrigue, subtlety, or mystery to these functional objects. In essence, a pipe or bong is simply a channel for air to pass through and fundamentally, that relationship can take any shape or form,” said Alex Josephson, Co-founder, Partisans. “Our goal was to create objects inspired by the more abstract aspects of smoking. And why limit the materiality to typical glass pipes? We decided that for a high design company like Tokyo Smoke, we should use a decidedly 21st century technology to produce these pieces of art. After all, the best forms of art always implement new tools and materials.”


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