Whitehall Spirit Solo 14 Boat



Since 1985, Whitehall Rowing and Sail have produced beautifully crafted rowboats, sculling boats and sailboats based on classic designs; combining modern materials with proven forms and old-fashioned craftsmanship. Their latest release, the Whitehall Spirit Solo 14 takes this approach to the next level, reinterpreting the traditional Whitehall wooden rowboat in a thermoformed co-polymer. The resulting design achieves the same versatility and stability that Whitehall’s are known for in a form that is lighter, more buoyant, durable and very low maintenance. The boat’s versatility also allows for two different rowing styles. The Solo 14 comes equipped with a slide seat and sculling oars, but a fixed seat stowed neatly between the track risers can be installed for a more traditional technique.

Certainly originality has its place (and the Solo 14 certainly displays a few ideas of its own), but the success of Aune’s products illustrates the potency and wisdom of designs that grow from traditional knowledge.

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