Varna Diablo I, II and III Bicycles

Sam Whittingham is the fastest cyclist on the planet, having pedaled his sleek recumbent bicycle to a stunning 82.3 mph to claim the world record for a human-powered vehicle.

Whittingham, who runs Naked Bicycle and Design, set the record on (in?) the Varna Diablo III, a sleek teardrop-shaped recumbent designed and built by bike designer Georgi Georgiev. It features carbon fiber wheels and a carbon frame wrapped with Kevlar bodywork.

Whittingham made his first run in the morning, going a little more than 80 mph. Then he took the unprecedented step of trying a second run that evening — competitors usually make one run per day in order to allow their bodies to recover from the exertion. Crew member Steve Nash pumped another 5 psi of air into the Varna Diablo’s tires to decrease rolling resistance and Whittingham reeled off the record-setting run.

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