Vancouver 2010 Torchbearer Uniform


torch-bearer-uniform.jpgtorch-bearer-uniform-2010.jpgPhoto: Courtesy VANOC

“The Olympic Torchbearer uniform highlights the Sea to Sky palette — the blue and green hues seen around Vancouver in the winter months… The uniform consists of several pieces items, including a jacket, pullover pants, toque and mittens.  As is the recent tradition, the uniform is mainly white, symbolizing a message of peace and hope. Colour accents decorate the left arm of the uniform, along with reflective elements for safety during operations in little or no light.  The uniform prominently features the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay emblem as well as the universally recognizable Olympic Rings.” -VANOC website

Also seen here is the 2010 Olympic Torch – click here to see more.

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