Toronto Football Club 2009 Season Ticket Package




MLSE, with the help of TAXI 2, has just launched an inspired, fan-focused campaign for Toronto Football Club (TFC). Here is this year’s TFC Season Ticket Package, fresh off the presses. The package was sent out to all season seat holders, labeled with a “member since…” sort of tag, recognizing the fan’s loyalty; a signature scarf (which was also the fan’s ticket to the first home game); the rest of the tickets as a poster with perforations (you can either use them, or keep them, frame them, etc. for posterity); and a few little pocket schedule and discount cards.

The Banksy-inspired design is consistent with the brand to date (urban, rowdy, inclusive, new), and the team seems to be bending over backwards to give the fans what they want – appreciation – in the form of this personalized package: the scarf is a super utilitarian memento for the occasional cold, rainy day at the pitch, and the tickets, which can be framed, could be quite the collector’s item in the future.


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