IPL Plastic Snowshoes


ipl-plastic-snowshoequebec-ca-1970s.jpgPhoto: Allan Collier Collection

During the sixties and seventies, IPL worked closely with designers, exploring new applications for their plastics manufacturing capabilities. Most famously, these collaborations lead to a number of important chair designs (including the Solair Chair and Giovanni Maur’s Plastic Chair), but other consumer products such as these snowshoes also emerged during this period.

Compared to modern high-performance snowshoes, this design seems pretty basic, but similar one-piece plastic designs are still sold as entry level/economy shoes today. While the form itself is based on traditional Huron designs, the use of plastic bears a striking resemblance to plastic milk crates. Notably, around 1970 IPL developed the first plastic beverage crates for a small home delivery service. This new development soon led to contracts with Coca-Cola, 7-Up, and Pepsi, marking the companies eventual move away from consumer goods*.

Allan Collier Collection
*IPL Company History

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