Mustang Survival Floats Packaging

Mustang Survival packaging1 Mustang Survival’s new packaging allows customers to easily try on products and experience the attributes for themselves. Designed using a simple black, white and silver color palette, Karacters Design Group established a strong and consistent brand presence. The packaging clearly defines all the technical attributes of the product using clear info graphics, and are finished with foil and varnish to give the brand a distinctly premium technical feel.

“Mustang Survival’s products fair best when people try them on. Replacing the generic plastic pack for a specifically-designed hanger better displays the quality of the product, each model’s form and fit, and encourages trial,” says Bateman. “Like so many great products, Mustang Survival was being let down by its poor packaging. We saw an opportunity where clever branding and packaging can help to delineate the product and establish a stronger brand presence in store.”

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