Islander LX Fly Fishing Reels


Vancouver Island is a world class fishing destination and home to some serious fishing experts, both amateur and professional. This wealth of experience has informed the design of Islander reels from the very beginning; the first Islander reels were made by machinists at JS Foster for personal use. Since then, Islander has worked with a long list of supporters and ‘pro-staffers’ to test and perfect their designs. The result is a reputation for high performance in all kinds of conditions, durability (Islander’s have famously survived fires, prolonged submersion in salt water and all kinds of other abuse) and a degree of finish that’s near perfect.

I’ve never been lucky enough to actually use one of these, but I can speak to the quality of execution. Holding an Islander reel is like holding a piece of very precise jewelry, especially when anodized in Islander’s signature gold finish. The production is flawless – no burs or marks of any kind – and the detailing of the form is well considered. The LX models shown here are the Ferraris of the Islander line and absolutely drool worthy… even if you’ve never fished in your life.

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