Innak All-Terrain Shorts

When the trail has no end in sight, the Innak All-Terrain Shorts have got you covered. Whatever the long haul is, whether it’s that epic 6 hour ride (trust us, we’ve been there before) or that all day hike, you’ll do it in comfort and style. Coldsmoke are purveyors of lumberjack durability, cutting edge technical performance, and of course ever-important modern functional fit. Sounds like a perfect match! Made with schoeller stretch canvas and finished with R3 technology, it features a water repellant outside with a water absorbent middle. When combined they create a comfortable cooling effect, better known as the Feelgood technology 3XDRY. All of their gear is made in Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia) utilizing nothing but the most advanced materials sourced from the high quality fabric mills.

Available in charcoal or deep green, order yours from Coldsmoke’s online store.

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