Le Futur De La Signalétique Urbaine Expérimentée

As part of its Lighting Plan, the Quartier des spectacles is exploring the possibilities of light for creating signage and expressing identity. A recent pilot project experiments with projecting light onto the pavement to mark the urban landscape.

This intervention, realized as part of the Montreal All-Nighter, reinforces the brand image of the cultural heart of the metropolis by bringing together light and graphic design.

The system shows pedestrians the way to major nearby venues, and highlights their presence in the Quartier des spectacles, as they cross at the intersection of Sainte-Catherine and Saint-Denis streets. The preliminary installation, still an experimental prototype, was made up of projectors suspended from towers and synchronized with the existing traffic lights at the intersection. The projections illuminated only the crosswalks, clearly indicating safe pedestrian passages across the street. Its a unique way to show visitors the ebullient cultural activity in the Quartier des spectacles, right on the neighbourhoods main drag of Sainte-Catherine Street.

Projecting light onto the ground has been one of the central elements of the Quartier des spectacles Lighting Plan since its launch in 2006. Light illuminates the sidewalk to provide signage, reinforce identity and create a lively aesthetic outside more than fifteen cultural venues. The double line of dots is the neighbourhoods common signature, rolling out a playful and dynamic red carpet for visitors and indicating the presence of a cultural venue at the pedestrian scale.

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