Cappello Lamp

Very raw, this table lamp has the familiar feeling of a Castiglioni floor lamp and this is no surprise, as the work is also an hommage to the legendary designer. The Capello is more DIY than the highly polished Arco, with a look and scale that is less pretentious than the classic Italian design.

The real story of the product emerges from the material, rather than the form. High touch materials like a paper shade give the LED’s a relaxed glow, and marble that is sourced from the rejected marble columns cut from the Castiglioni original Carrara lamp base. I wonder why the designers got caught drafting their own design description when they have the best design story going, a headline that reads “New product designed using off cuts of a major Italian design classic”, a fact that makes this object more compelling than any airy description of an Italian cap. The recycling/repurposing of this material seems to the be the best product description out there.

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