The City Hive


The design of the City Hive is inspired by the water towers that used to sit on rooftops around the city. Rooftops are an ideal location for honeybee colonies, bringing them out of direct contact with humans who sometimes do not appreciate the interaction. The unique form and location of the towers also cast an evocative silhouette, adding to our cityscape.

The outside of the hive is clad in cedar that is steam bent to sit flush on the round inner profile, and left raw to encourage natural weathering. The honeycomb pattern graphically represents the function of the tower, and insulates the hive. The cedar also acts as passive shading for the main hive body by reflecting sunlight in the summer, and letting light in through the cracks when the sun is low in the winter. This warming and cooling of the hive is something that the bees will spend large amounts of energy on if required. Assistance in this task allows the bees to yield more honey.


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