Metal Lunch Box

lunch box.jpg

The Sudbury miners special. For over fifty years this lunch box has been the staple of the working man/woman across Canada. Unbelievably this ubiquitous design has been under the radar of every collection but its impact and reach is profound. An everyday design, it is a simple and humble design with beautiful details and a long lasting rugged construction. These do not seem to wear out but only get a deeper patina and narrative with use.

“Invented in 1956, when Leo May, an underground miner for INCO in Sudbury, ON, sat on his tin box and squashed it.  He gathered materials for six months (no Internet!), built his first, engineered to be used as a seat when tipped on end and showed up at the mine.  His shift workers asked, “Where the bleep did you get that?”   He replied, “I made it” and the entire crew responded, “Make me one!”  One million lunchboxes later, Leo’s Lunchboxes are sold globally, as purchasers recognize the quality as well as the fact they last for 30   years of daily use and become the owner’s faithful companion, often handed down to the next generation with family pride.”

Catherine May Langin

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