Crown Royal Extra Rare Whiskey



I thought that this would be a fitting post for the site, Father’s Day and all (Happy Fathers Day, Dad!).

These flagship bottles hold the last whiskey batch distilled at the old Waterloo, Ontario distillery, which was shutdown and mysteriously burnt down a few years later (making room for a new condo development). The bottles were pricey, around $180 a pop, but the quality is still being praised as one of the best ever made and a great deal when compared to the small batches of competing distilleries (not too mention the historical value).

When launched in 2006, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario proclaimed, “The heritage whiskey batch will only last so long; better buy a bottle fast!” I have found a few bottles in New York, so they are still around, but the prices continue to go up. These are true investments with return values better than an RRSP.


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