Bloody Caesar Cocktail

The Caesar is Canada’s answer to the Bloody Mary and among the most popular cocktails in the country. The original recipe was created by bartender Walter Chell for the opening of Marco’s, a new Italian restaurant. Inspired by Italian recipes such as spaghetti alle vongole con pomodoro, Chell included fresh clam juice in the mix.

At the time, Clamato juice (a mix of tomato juice and clam nectar) was a relatively new product and not widely available. Recognizing that this product would make his recipe more accessible, Chell worked closely with the Mott’s company to promote the product. Today,  Clamato has become the standard ingredient and the Caesar’s popularity accounts for the bulk of it’s market share in Canada.

Here’s a standard recipe:

One ounce of vodka.
Two dashes of hot sauce.
Three dashes of salt, pepper.
Four dashes of Worcestershire sauce.
Top it up with Clamato juice.
Garnish with celery and lime.

Like it’s cousin the Bloody Mary, the Caesar is prime territory for improvisation. Common variations include horseradish, seasoning salt and garnishes such as pickled asparagus, green beans and peeled prawns, etc.

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