Baby Pablum

20121011pablumOne of the most pressing problem facing The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto was preparing good nutritious food for babies. Dr. Tisdall, along with Dr. Theodore Drake, made the production of a perfect infant food their main goal. They intensified and expanded their experiments with animals, and tested foods on groups of children in the hospital and in orphanages. All the hard work paid off when the doctors discovered how to make a mixture that contained all the essential vitamins and minerals that babies needed, yet wouldn’t cause undue constipation or diarrhea. The mixture came off the drum as a bone-dry, flaky powder. Now they had a baby food that filled their requirements and would keep indefinitely, they called it “Pablum”. Tisdall recognized he had the perfect product and was determined to find the best way to market it to benefit children everywhere. After much discussion, an arrangement was worked out with Mead. In return for the permission to manufacture Pablum, Sick Kids would receive a royalty on every box sold.

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