BMP Stanzione Striped Vase

Domenic Stanzione moved to Collingwood from Italy in 1966. He was hired by Blue Mountain Pottery to oversee the newly constructed “Pottery Studio” facility. Oftentimes groups and individuals at the studio would watch the master potter doing his non-moulded creations from start to finish. From time to time you will see a piece of pottery signed with D. Stan or DS. These pieces are usually free form, flowing designs of Mr. Stanzione’s own making. They are not as readily found as the moulded Blue Mountain Pottery pieces. Mr. Stanzione liked to create large and dynamic pieces that are frequently seen in bright yellow with orange drip or other creative glazes. Mr. Stanzione left Blue Mountain Pottery in the early 1970s to produce pottery on his own under the names Artistic Pottery and The Pottery Studio.

-Sharon Bennett

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