Seetusee Glassware


Seetusee was a glassware manufactured in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada from 1960 until 1975. It was inspired by Mexican painting on glass but was perfected by George Hill and Foss Giffin. George Hill was the son of a prominent Portage druggist and was the force behind several entrepreneurial ventures, including the Mayfair Hotel, Mauna Loa Lounge, and a car dealership. The hotel burned down in 1969 but the building that housed the manufacturing facility (which was also a bakery) still stands and is now occupied by a drafting firm.

All Seetusee pieces are unique as they were hand painted, cured and carefully sealed with a pigskin backing with a distinctive finish of gold paint that sets them apart from Mexican pieces. The colours are mixed, exciting and vibrant and have stood the test of time. Like many styles of art or craft they have gone through periods of popularity and decline. Each of the huge variety of shapes are identified by a number (with or without an ‘M’ prefix) stamped on the pigskin backing. The brand (Seetusee by Mayfair Glass) is also named on the backing, either in the form of a stamp or via a sticker label.

Look out for them, they are very beautiful and are becoming quite collectible.

-G F Hill

I have included a number of examples of the colours and shapes available. The colours are absolutely stunning and the oddity of including a gold pigskin back makes these pieces truly unique.


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