BMP Salt & Pepper Shakers (Green Glaze)


bmp salt and pepper.jpg

“Perhaps no other craft is as Canadian as Blue Mountain Pottery. It is part of our country’s heritage. Its fluid, natural lines and warm colours are cherished by Canadians and collectors from around the world.

Blue Mountain Pottery was made in Collingwood, Ontario, from the surrounding Georgian Bay clay. The clay was dug from the creek beds on the Blue Mountain, aged for two years and purified. All of the pieces were glazed and fired at approximately 2,000 degrees. The colours were produced by the heat of the kiln. In the studio/plant craftsmen drew their inspiration from the warm red-brown of the local earth, the deep blue of the lakes and the rich greens of the forest. The factory permanently closed its doors in December 2004 after decades of operation which will make these pieces not only difficult to find but also increase in value over the coming years.”

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