Footed Fruit Bowl

Baribeau & Fils (Sons) Inc. was a Canadian company out of Levis, Quebec that was founded in 1922 by Hervé Baribeau. The company was reknowned for their gorgeous wood grained pieces, and known world-wide for their quality craftsmanship and innovative styles.

Baribeau was a company with high standards. They employed extremely skilled Canadian artisans to craft their woodenware accessories from Canadian maple wood, smoothed and buffed to a satin finish. You will find pieces in both the lighter natural colour of the maple wood like the set below, as well as in much darker stains like my bowls above. The darker colour is often mistaken for teak, which is not surprising as teak wood was super popular in Danish Modern furniture and accessories throughout the Mid-Century Modern era (1933-1965).

Baribeau became Canada’s largest producer of woodenware under the trademark of Baribocraft for the retail market, and Baribo-Maid for the wholesale and food service industries. Each produced woodenware pieces for over twenty years, becoming a common household accessory and commercial fixture.

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