Brick Making Process – Ashtray Series

Luke-Lindoe,-ashtray-for-Medicine-Hat-brick-and-tile-industryLuke-Lindoe,-ashtray-for-Medicine-Hat-brick-and-tile-industry,-60's-Photo: Allan Collier Collection.

Well regarded as a painter and a studio ceramacist, Luke Lindoe was also an expert in virtually all aspects of industrial ceramic production. His wide-ranging experience included working on the production line itself, overseeing it as plant foreman and seeking out raw materials in the field. As a teacher, Lindoe lead the construction of efficient kilns still used in many of Canada’s art schools and his own company Plainsman Clay, extracted, processed, analyzed and marketed high quality clays, as well as proving troubleshooting advice and know how to other ceramicists.

The ashtrays in this series were created as promotional pieces (or ad ware) for the Medicine Hat brick and tile industry. Lindoe created the first two ashtrays (top and middle) in the early sixties, while serving as the Director of Research and Mining at Medicine Hat Brick and Tile. The last ashtray in the series (bottom) was produced by its successor company I-XL in the early seventies.

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