Altaglass Red Vase


The Altaglass Manufacturing Company produced decorative glass objects from 1950 to 1988 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Craftsmen produced blown glass vases, bowls and artglass as well as hand-shaped glass birds and animals. Altaglass made its own molten glass from raw materials. Glassware was sold widely across Canada and the factory became a tourist attraction in Medicine Hat.

The company founder was John Furch, who came to Canada from Czechoslovakia in 1949. His daughter Margarete and son-in-law Les Stagg worked their whole lives with the company, along with a small number of employees.

This heavy red vase was hand formed from molten glass in a contemporary style. The red colour comes from mixing gold into the molten glass. Altaglass stopped doing this in 1972 because of the cost.

-Mary Coward,

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