Map of Canada Pictorial Jig Saw Puzzle


This package and the pictorial jig saw puzzle inside has it all: a Mountie, Parliament, a maple leaf, the beaver, pastel colour-coded provinces & territories, their heraldic shields, every capital city and many placenames, rivers, lakes, bodies of water, a menagerie of wildlife, historical personalities & events, a wealth of regional icons, the longitudes & latitudes, national parks, the railroads, airports, and, most importantly, a version of the Trans Canada Highway running, in magenta, from St. John’s to Vancouver. What a feat of accumulation! But wait…where is the Red Ensign, the flag of Canada which flew until 1965? Perhaps they were anticipating the new flag promised by Lester Pearson. This rare pictorial puzzle was produced by the prolific Somerville Industries of London, Ontario, once one of the largest game manufacturers in the country. Alas no more.

David Peters, EXBROOK

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