Know Canada’s Heroes Card game


This special game was manufactured in Canada by the as one of the objects made available during the Canadian Centennial Celebration.

The instructions and other text appears in both of Canada’s official languages – English and French. The flap-top box (8.7cm long x 6cm wide x 1.3cm thick) is pictured on the upper left. The box includes the official Centennial Celebration symbol.The symbol can be seen in more detail on the back of each card (upper middle in the photograph).

There are 4 instruction cards in the deck which offer details for playing four different games with these cards. Each card is 8.5cm long x 5.5cm wide and features a date of note in Canada’s history and a sketch of a person who played a role at that time in the history of Canada. Below the sketch are some historic details about the time period and the person’s role in Canada’s history. The various numbers and symbols on each card relate to playing the games.

Image and text created by Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games, Waterloo ON

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