Wacky Carpet

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The Crazy carpet, now termed a ‘Wacky carpet’, is manufactured and designed by the toy manufacturer H2O Recreation Inc. in Chomedey Quebec.

An inherent part of growing up in Canada the Wacky carpet has stood the test of time spanning generations of Canadians. The no frills design of the Wacky carpet is all part of it’s charm. A slick surface with handles pretty much sums it up. It’s lack of comfort and control are made up for in it’s unpredictability and shear speed which makes for a wild ride down the local toboggan hill.

Usually found tucked away in the clutter of Canadian garages and basements or left abandoned in the back yard the Wacky carpet would fit in well among the sleek, minimal designs of contemporary interiors, furniture and architecture.
Not recommended for those with sensitive arses.

-Todd Lambeth

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