Assassin’s Creed II Video Game

The inaugural Canadian Video Game Awards was held in Vancouver this week and Montreal’s Ubisoft Entertainment took away four of the eleven prizes for Assassin’s Creed II: Best Game Design, Best Console Game, Best Visual Arts, and Best Technology (shared with Prototype, created by Vancouver’s Radical Entertainment).

The video game world is beyond my realm of experience, but since Canada is at the forefront of game development and design, I figured this was well worth mentioning. I have not played this game, but it looks like the graphics are outrageously good, and from the trailer, it looks to have all the requisite blood, suspense, dark cloaks and T&A to keep gamers interested until the next big thing is launched. If anyone who has played the game cares to comment, please fill me in on what it is that makes this game so good.


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