Yabu Pushelburg BLINK Furniture

BLINK-Furniture-Collection-Yabu-Pushelburg-Design-3 BLINK-Furniture-Collection-Yabu-Pushelburg-Design-1

Designed with playfulness in mind, the BLINK collection charms us with a spirited personality that seems to reach out and grab our attention, creating the sort of relationship that Yabu Pushelburg wants to build between people and the environment.

The three icons, bold colors and gentle curves are in a way reminiscent of a play place, but one for sophisticated adults. With a palette of bold green-blue, white oak and antiqued bronze, each piece in the set maintains a sense of character that exhibits fun along with a playful energy that compels interaction. Yabu Pushelburg has made something that entwines us more to our surroundings, showing us just how the collection “examines the relationships and connections that exist between people, furniture and the built environment.”

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