The Visitor Series of Boxes


The Visitor series utilized pre-existing containers, and the interiors were fitted with custom-designed and fabricated compartmentalized trays, shelves and drawers. Taking design cues from the containers themselves, the interiors were transformed into minimalist, sculptural explorations, allowing the viewer to imagine what they might potentially hold. As the works developed, I began to see them as portraits and titled them to reflect the personality type/relationship role characterized by the resulting juxtapositions.

Top image shows the Agent (metal breadbox, wood, latex paint, 103x81x51cm), the Understudy (wooden bottle box, wood, latex paint, 16x31x34cm), and the Companion (Wooden pail, wood, latex paint, 20x31cm). Middle image shows the Thief (wooden trunk, wood, latex paint, 26 x 23.6 x 47.6cm). Bottom image shows the Collaborator (wooden typrewriter box, wood, latex paint, 66 x 41 x 39cm), and the Witness (wooden hat box, wood, latex paint, 24 x 44cm).

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