The Station Chair


Said to be inspired by the Canadian wilderness, the Station Chair is meant to evoke thoughts of canoeing across a great lake or snowshoeing through forest cover. It is a warm piece of furniture intended to invite the user to spread out or curl up and feel warm and cozy while sitting next to the fire or reading a book.

Upholstered in MacAusland’s 100% Virgin Wool from Prince Edward Island, and also available in the 70% wool Kvadrat Hallingdal range of fabrics which come from Denmark. Wool based fabrics evoke the familiar Canadian feel of a warm blanket on a cold night. This cozy yet modern lounge chair is quickly becoming a Trunk Studio signature piece.

Available in Walnut, Birch and a mixture of Birch & Walnut. Each Station Chair is handcrafted in Nova Scotia using solid hardwood and a combination of traditional and modern joinery techniques. Cushions are removable to allow customers to customize fabrics.

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