Spring-Back Chair

Paul Hutner Collection


Balancing straightforward construction and familiarity, with striking originality and sculptural beauty, the Spring-Back chair exemplifies Peter Cotton’s pragmatic approach to modernism.

“A lot of contemporary furniture attempts to look smart but fails through misuse of materials. Excess wood is often applied just to give a ‘modern’ effect. Much existing furniture is badly proportioned. The manufacturer seems to have no understanding of the formal qualities of mass, line, texture and proportion. Cabinet making tricks are used for deceptive visual effects without considering the waste of materials and effort in the manufacturing process.’’ – Peter Cotton

Designed while Cotton was still studying architecture at UBC, the Spring-Back was exhibited widely and garnered significant accolades, including a place in the National Gallery of Canada’s Canadian Design Index. While the chair has been out of production for more than fifty years, the quality of the design has not diminished with time. The Spring-Back is easily Cotton’s best-known work and rightfully considered a Canadian design classic.

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