Prairie Bench

regina-bench.jpgregina bench.jpg

Part of the first MADE Radiant Dark Exhibit, this piece explores new materials and manufacturing techniques to an extremely high level. With a nontraditional brush material seat, the bench breaths a new life into a fading manufacturing technique, and is completely sustainable in all parts of its construction (no glues, foams or solvents). A tough feat to accomplish in the furniture sector.

The brush seating surface creates a high touch and folksy aesthetic, allowing the piece to fit in with most interior spaces, from the polished urban high rise to the northern cabin. It truly looks like a miniature wheat field, and creates a pretty and humble narrative, becoming as much a sculptural conversation piece as a truly usable seating element. The materials grow softer, and like a great pair of denim, grows old well, rather than worn out, extending the life of this piece and guaranteeing that it will make it to the heirloom stage.

This work is completely ground breaking, and is thoroughly original in both style and design. A genuine high water mark for experimental furniture design in Canada.

– R Moan

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