Plaisance Lounge and Ottoman


The Maun Windsor chair may be North South Project’s biggest success story, but the Plaisance lounge and ottoman visually embody the project’s spirit, like no other design. Liana Cane utilizes local, sustainably harvested materials and employs highly skilled craftspeople with a long tradition of weaving. As Johnson points out, weaving is quite labor intensive and there are no machines that can automate the process; weaving a full chair can easily take several days. If the weavers are paid fair wages, then the cost of production can quickly become unmanageable. (Think about that the next time your checking out the $30 woven chairs from that Swedish furniture company). However, by opening up the weave to show off the chair’s support structure, the labor is significantly reduced. The weavers earn a fair price for their work, which is produced for a competitive price. What was at first a limitation has become a design asset, aesthetically pleasing and socially responsible.

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