Pyramid Chair


Well…I am not sure what to say about this piece. Here is the blurb from the Nienkämper site that may give us some clues.

Pyramid, Karim Rashid´s newest lounge chair for Nienkämper, borrows a monumental form from ancient Egypt and stands it on its head. What´s the point? According to Rashid, an inverted pyramid reflects who he is and symbolizes his hopes for the shape of things to come. He describes himself as “an upside-down multicultural being” – someone who is “Canadian-Irish-English-Algerian-Egyptian-American, with some Italian education thrown in the mix.” In short, he´s a product of an increasingly cosmopolitan world, and as such, he believes it´s time to “turn nationalism and jingoism around and become one global paradise.” By inverting a form associated with ancient history, Rashid has created a chair that belongs to a future of exciting possibilities.


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