Living Systems

“After the fall of communism and the increase of capital globalism we arrive to a state of unbridled consumerism. The necessity is no longer good cheap products for the masses, this is already attainable, cheap products flood the market, sometimes created by the imbalance of rich and poor countries and cheap manufacturing from the far east. It is as if objects have lost there necessity and design its meaning when all we can do is be a tool of marketing to try and sell more things we don´t need to a material addicted society.

The other great question we have today in a world which for the first time in history seems finite. 50 years ago nobody knew about the natural and social limits of our planet, today it stares us in our face. How do we address an issue of sustainability while still understanding that we have to keep a political and social economy running?

The project Living Systems intends to make an experiment of an alternative way. The idea is to create a modern ´Walden`, an economy based on the idea of the individual (or small group) as industry. But from the point of view of designers in the modern world.”


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